Not many people know this but James was my secret weapon! 
I need people to push me as I'm at the top of my game. James provided that push and it gave me a competitive edge.

Andy Harrington

Speaker and Sunday Times bestselling author of "Passion Into Profits"

I was overworked, underpaid and my children thought 
I loved my work more than them. I was miserable, purely surviving and on the verge of burnout. 
After working with James, my business is transforming fast, my health is improving, and my children have their Mother back!

Jane Frankland

Cyber-security expert , speaker and bestselling author of "INSecurity"

James’ help multiplied our sales revenue. His methods were key in transforming our monthly revenues into a DAILY income! James you rock!

Jamie Smart

International coach and WHSmith bestselling author of "Clarity" & "Results"

I was burning out, miserable and not earning. James helped draw out all my skills, experience and passion and shape it into something that lit me up again. I wanted a way to work that gave me time, freedom, travel & money in the bank. What James and I created together has given me all of that. I literally call that life changing!

Michele Henshaw

Coach, Mentor, Speaker
Creator of the Life Design Method

We are truly blown away by the immense value you have offered our business in the past year, by far one of the best investments we have made. In 14 years of being in business, we have met almost all types of entrepreneurs, but one thing that has distinguished you to us time and time again is that you always have and keep integrity at the core of business relationships. You put the client at the core. You are authentic in every way and the best part.... you are one heck of an expert! Thanks again.

Tina Allton

Award winning entrepreneur, international speaker and mentor

I was a floundering life coach when I first met James, and pretty disillusioned with entrepreneurship. James has helped me create a business that I now love. He has been instrumental in shaping it into something that continues to create massive benefit for my clients and followers. Thank you James x

Cai Graham

Parenting Expert, Speaker & bestselling Author of "The TEEN Toolbox" 

James has SO much to answer for!
When I began on-camera I felt awkward and self conscious.
Now I see clients who feel as though they know me before we meet...there's already a bond, it's like real magic.
I know hand on heart that my business, this work and message would not be where it is today had I not worked with James.

Yvette Taylor

Creator - The Energy Alignment Method™ and bestselling author of "The Ultimate Self-Help Book"

Lavers is the man!

I've done numerous trainings with James over the years as his material is always cutting-edge.

Likewise his private coaching has been massively valuable and helped significantly increase sales in my business. It's worth adding, I'm super choosey and wouldn't normally endorse anyone!

Paul Higgs

Founder - Millbank Land Academy

James’ insights, clarity and irrepressible enthusiasm completely transformed my business and how I see myself. After just six coaching sessions, I made the money back, tenfold! Working with James has completely transformed my confidence and my business on every possible level. You need to pick your coach carefully. Do yourself a favour and work with James. You won’t regret it.

Deborah Durrant

Raw Food Chef & Trainer

James is a masterful communicator. His programmes will enhance your brand and develop relationships at scale.

Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur and multi-bestselling author of "Key Person of Influence", "Entrepreneurs Revolution", "Oversubscribed" & "24 Assets"

If part of your marketing strategy includes work to camera James is the best in the business. He is absolutely at the cutting edge of what he does. Thank you James, you have helped me make a massive difference to my business.

Sophie Bennett

Keynote Speaker and author of "Money Bondage"

James and I worked closely together on the development and marketing of a number of our personal development products. The guy is a fantastic marketer and a commanding strategist with a seemingly natural ability to know what works!

David Hughes

MD, Nightingale Conant UK (world leader in personal development)

I first trained online with James early 2019 and was blown away about what kind of actual training can be done online.His clients are a testament to what real behaviour change and skill development is possible online. What I didn't anticipate was stepping into myself and finding my voice more and more. I'm also getting a real kick out of connecting with serving people all around the world. I'm enjoying product sales through my website too! Thank you James! 

Amy Bell

NLP Trainer & Mentor to Agents of Change

Within 12 months of implementing James' on-camera coaching I'd landed three of the UK's biggest gym chains as clients, including Fitness First. ALL because of his methods. James is the master at this.

Miles Grant

Coach & Sales Trainer

Back in 2008 my business was lying dashed on the rocks by the Global Financial Crisis. Thanks to input from James I not only got back on my feet but also surpassed my previous levels of impact and income by quite some amount. Unquestionably James understandings and expertise have transformed the course of my life in some phenomenally generative ways.

James Tripp

Creator of Hypnosis Without Trance

Working with James has given me the clarity around my business I needed. He has been the key to unlocking my potential and drawing out what’s possible. James helped me launch my blog and podcast within the first weeks of working with him. He has given me the push to turn my thoughts into actions; his insights have transformed my business and his energy has given me the boost I needed to realize what’s possible.

Jennifer Troester

Coach, Writer & Educator

James, you beautiful bear of a man! 

I bought one of your courses in 2013, I sent out a message using your simple framework and it lead to a lot of coaching and some clients I've now worked with for years. 

More than the message, it was your relaxed, playful approach that I liked and that felt right to me. 

You have been a significant influence on my approach over the years; through your programmes, live events and the one-on-one work we have done together so far.

David Saville

The Coaches' Coach
"Dedicated To The Extraordinary"

When I first found James Lavers I’d seen him working secretly behind the scenes with many of the well known “Guru’s”. You could see his magic at play in the way they positioned themselves and worked with their clients. 

When it comes to getting your message out and finding what makes your business unique, James can draw that out of you, whether your expressing that with video, the written word or with the way you design your programs - James knows exactly how to put it together in a way that works!

Joe Gregory

Managing Publisher

Collaboration with James is an opportunity to make the transition from struggling practitioner to successful, wealthy, entrepreneurial therapist.

Andrew T Austin

Therapist & Developer IEMT

I work with executives and politicians to communicate their messages powerfully on camera. Whenever I'm faced with a difficult client, there's only one person I go to. James Lavers. If you want to learn how to sell on camera with power and class, there's nobody in the world better than James. Period.

Topher Morrison

Mass Communication Specialist, Speaker, Trainer & Entrepreneur

Since working with you I am on fire! 

I have never seen a business grow so fast and I am amazed by the results. In less than one month I have built a group of almost 1000 subscribers who all want exactly the products I am offering.

Robert Grant

Social Media Strategist & Speaker

I'm interested in RESULTS! Whilst I pay James for his time - the fee is for his RESULTS! Since working with James my investment in him has resulted in a 500% return! If this is what he can achieve with me in 6 weeks, I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few months!!

Marc Hogan

Sales & Influence Trainer and Speaker

Working with James is like white water rafting. It might frighten the hell out of you but it'll result in the triumph of overcoming the rapids and you ending more alive and marketing-able than when you began. He rocks - literally. He's rocked me totally out of my frustrating comfort zone into a professional adventure where I'm 'bloody doing it' in a bigger league with shedloads more to come.

Sharon Eden

Spiritual Psychotherapist Mentor

The first time I met James, he was producing an infomercial I was in. I instantly knew that this was someone I wanted to work with again. I owe a great deal of my marketing success to him and I've done very well in this field. Don't try and re-create the wheel - just follow his advice and guidance and you will too, it's as simple as that.

Alistair Horscroft

Philosopher, Author, Trainer and Human Behaviour Consultant​