Question from the "Lazy Coach":

Are The Ways You're Trying to Get Clients Slowly STARVING You of Money & Joy?

My new class on Friday 6th November at 7pm UK time will show you how to create world class content and a complete lineup of insanely valuable virtual offers that will...

  • Grow your fanbase

    Whilst avoiding useless activities that put you in the dreaded "FRIEND ZONE" (where you'll repel paying clients). Do what I'll show you on this class to get a real, buying tribe!

  • Bring you Global Customers

    ...even if you're used to 1-to-1 or hate the tech stuff. Do what I'll show you on this class to create virtual programs, events, courses and more, that your people will LOVE...that sell around the world!

  • Get Clients.

    What if enrolling the perfect clients were as easy as writing a "love letter"? Do what I'll show you on this class and you'll actually enjoy selling...and your crowd will line up to  hear your offers! 

Get registered below. There's no charge and the class begins in: 


James has SO much to answer for!
When I began on-camera I felt awkward and self conscious. Now I see clients who feel as though they know me before we meet...there's already a bond, it's like real magic. I know hand on heart that my business, this work and message would not be where it is today had I not worked with James.

Yvette Taylor

Creator - The Energy Alignment Method™ bestselling author: "The Ultimate Self-Help Book"

I was overworked, underpaid and my children thought 
I loved my work more than them. I was miserable, purely surviving and on the verge of burnout. 
After working with James, my business is transforming fast, my health is improving, and my children have their Mother back!​

Jane Frankland

Cyber-security expert , speaker and bestselling author of "INSecurity"

Not many people know this but James was my secret weapon! 
I need people to push me as I'm at the top of my game. James provided that push and it gave me a competitive edge.​

Andy Harrington

Speaker and Sunday Times bestselling author of "Passion Into Profits"

I was burning out, miserable and not earning. James helped draw out all my skills, experience and passion and shape it into something that lit me up again. I wanted a way to work that gave me time, freedom, travel & money in the bank. What James and I created together has given me all of that. I literally call that life changing!​

Michele Henshaw

Coach, Mentor, Speaker
Creator of the Life Design Method

Lavers is the man!

I've done numerous trainings with James over the years as his material is always cutting-edge.

Likewise his private coaching has been massively valuable and helped significantly increase sales in my business. It's worth adding, I'm super choosey and wouldn't normally endorse anyone!

Paul Higgs

Founder - Millbank Land Academy

I was a floundering life coach when I first met James, and pretty disillusioned with entrepreneurship. James has helped me create a business that I now love. He has been instrumental in shaping it into something that continues to create massive benefit for my clients and followers. Thank you James x

Cai Graham

Parenting Expert, Speaker & bestselling Author of "The TEEN Toolbox"

James’ help multiplied our sales revenue. His methods were key in transforming our monthly revenues into a DAILY income! James you rock!

Jamie Smart

Sunday Times bestselling author "Clarity"

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