Online Group Coaching

Online Group Coaching

FB Live Ultimate

How to use live streaming video to raise your profile, get more paying clients, and sell yourself & your services.


Planning, producing & promoting your signature "Flagship" online, premium-priced, digital coaching programme.

Video Psy-Ops Classic (2010 - 2015)

The psychology & practice of video that sells you, your message and your products & services.

On-Screen Storytelling

How to structure and share personal narrative & powerful metaphors on camera that sell you and your services for you.

The Lazy Guide to Podcasting

The Lazy Guide to Podcasting

Info Products Mastermind

How to turn your expertise into incredible online information-products that practically sell themselves!

Funnels and Follow-Up

How to create authentic online conversations that turn visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into buyers.


The implementation class for quickly producing 6 essential pieces of world-class content.


The application of the structure of the accelerated path to expert status.


Quickly make and market your own, short online mini-courses.